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Adult Sunday School


We have one class offered the summer quarter, which runs from June 10 through September 2, 2018. Join us at 11:15 a.m. in the Auditorium!

A New Era for God's People — The Book of Exodus

Teacher: Allen Curry
Location: Auditorium

Exodus describes a new era for the people of God who are delivered from Egyptian slavery. The Christian life parallels many of the experiences of the Israelites. Our examination of Exodus will address not only the history of God’s people, but also how as Christians we are delivered by God through the Lord Jesus. No doubt most adults are confident they know the story of the exodus. This summer we will seek to renew and refresh our memories and try to enter into a deeper understanding of what it means to live as God’s people.

Listen to the audio here.


June 10:  Ex. 1-2         Where Did They Come From?

June 17:  Ex. 3-4         I Am

June 24:  Ex. 5-6        The Confrontation

July 1:     Ex. 7-10       Plagues (Part 1)

July 8:     Ex. 7-10       Plagues (Part 2)

July 15:   Ex. 11-13      The Passover

July 22:   Ex. 14-15     Now Pharaoh Knows

July 29:   Ex. 15-16     Bread from Heaven

Aug. 5:    Ex. 17-18     Water from the Rock

Aug. 12:  Ex. 19-24     The Law (Part 1)

Aug. 19:  Ex. 19-24     The Law (Part 2)

Aug. 26:  Ex. 25-31     The Tabernacle

Sept. 2:   Ex. 32-33     Don't They Get It?